Full Speed Ahead on Transit Expansion

    Edmonton was the first city on the continent with a population of less than a million to institute an LRT system. Public transportation is safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, and as the LRT infrastructure expands it becomes an increasingly viable alternative to driving a car. “LRT is an investment in Edmonton’s future:” states the City of Edmonton website, “the development of a modern, globally competitive city with a transportation system that meets the needs of a diverse, dynamic and growing population.”

    Sustainable public transit is one of the hallmarks of a modern city and, despite a few recent hiccups with existing lines, Edmonton’s LRT is quickly becoming exemplary. When the valley line is completed (by 2025) the Mill Woods and Lewis Farms areas will be connected like never before with downtown as a hub.

    Detractors have called our light rail transit a blunder, citing delays, traffic issues and malfunctions. Even if the system isn’t perfect, Edmonton residents will soon be able to reap the many benefits of a more interconnected city.