U of A Spin-off Makes Strides in Cancer Screening

Ever since 2010, Metabolomic Technologies has been trying to change the way people look at health through examining molecular metabolites for early detection for diseases. The company has made a lot of strides since then, and one of the more recent advances comes from detecting precancerous polyps through urine testing, known as PolypDx.

The new advancement for MTI hopes to become the first urine testing diagnostic service that could detect colorectal cancer, which ranks as the second deadliest type of cancer with more than 50,000 deaths each year. The PolypDx screening is being held in conjunction with several other agencies with the hopes of early detection. The survival rate when detected early for colorectal cancer is one of the highest, but drops to just over 10 percent when it reaches advanced stages.

Company CEO David Chang is optimistic about the potential success of the development, calling it a “significant milestone” that could save the lives of thousands of people throughout Canada each year. PolypDx has already found early success in the United States, which has given MTI reasons for optimism. This also allows those in more rural and remote areas to receive screening when hospitals might not be close drives.