Local Family Has Wheels Stolen From Car

Parking at the mall can already be a hassle, and you really don’t want anything to be wrong with your car once you get done shopping. For one family in Edmonton, though, they came out to something that you really wouldn’t expect to see from your car. They didn’t have a dead battery or a scratch from a shopping cart. Instead, they came out to find that two of the wheels on their vehicle were completely missing after having been stolen.


According to Adam Legge, his wife and children were at the Manning Town Centre to attend the movie theatre, parking in the lot in their Dodge minivan. When the movie was finished and they came back out to the parking lot, they found that the van was on blocks, and that both wheels on the rear had been removed. Legge said that “She came out and said, ‘No, that’s not my car. That can’t be my car,’” but found that there were the signature items within the car that had them realize that it was indeed the Legge family car.


The thieves that took Legge’s tires didn’t do the courtesy of being gentle when placing the car on blocks, either. Legge himself had to drive down to the Manning Town Centre and adjust it so that the car didn’t suffer from more damage. The theft happened on a Friday evening, which is just about as inconvenient as it comes as most insurance companies and car repair centres aren’t open until Monday morning.


It was a long weekend for Legge, and he found out that tire thefts like the one that happened to him have been far too common in Edmonton as of late. The dealership in which Legge purchased his vehicle from, said that the “same make and model” of the Dodge Journey has been a major target for tire thieves. The reason being that the rims for the van are made specifically for that one vehicle, making them rare. As for whether or not Legge wants to trade in now to avoid having his tires stolen remains to be seen.