Late last year, Tasha-Lee Mack of Edmonton was convicted in the death of a boy that hadn’t even yet turned two years old, with the slaying happening in the spring of 2017. The 19 month old boy, Anthony Joseph Raine, was the child of Mack’s boyfriend, Joey Crier. As a result, both Mack and Crier were charged with manslaughter, and had awaited sentencing for several months.

The reports of the child’s death were haunting to hear from a lot of people. At first, Raine was a healthy and happy baby, but became malnourished, losing a shocking amount of weight at a crucial time of development. There were also allegations of violence toward the child, which Mack denied she had a hand in doing. “She had numerous opportunities to act (if she didn’t cause the violence),” prosecutor Monica Sabo said. “She chose again and again not to.”

At her sentencing, Mack was brought to tears, saying that “I understand what I did; I know I was wrong…Just the way I’ve been treated in the Remand, I’ve learned my lesson. And I truly am sorry to every single person that was hurt due to my negligence. I am really. And I mean that.” She added that “I’ve made some mistakes and I’m willing to do whatever is needed to make up for it.”

Mack’s proposed sentence was for at least 10 years, though the official sentencing would come in at eight and a half years. Some deemed that it was far too light of a sentence, including Raine’s mother, Dalyce. “He would have been five years old this year,” Dalyce said at Mack’s sentencing. “I wish I could have said happy birthday to you. I love you so much, baby.” Dalyce added that “I just want the person that murdered our baby behind bars and the girl that helped him.”