In they same year they’ll celebrate their 25th anniversary, esteemed local brewery Alley Kat is transitioning from bottles to cans as the vessel-of-choice for their various offerings. Apart from being easier to transport and recycle, aluminum cans have several advantages over their glass rivals—they’re airtight and fully opaque, meaning the contents are protected from air and light that capped, translucent bottles might let in. Craft beer aficionados can be notoriously snobby about their experience with the product, so any change that results in a less-adulterated taste will be seen as a win by Alley Kat’s loyal consumers.

There will be a release party for the new cans, each of which are designer by Vision Creative and feature a different Albertan landscape. The switch will have a positive impact on those very landscapes, says owner Zane Christiansen: “We also want to remind people that cans are recyclable. In fact, aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials and can be recycled indefinitely.”

Alley Kat’s offerings include:

  • Scona Gold (Kolsch)
  • Aprikat (Apricot Wheat Ale)
  • Full Moon (Pale Ale)
  • Main Squeeze (Grapefruit Ale)
  • Buena Vista (Brown Ale)
  • Fish Bone (New England IPA)
  • a handful of seasonal and rotating brews