Edmonton Company a Trailblazer in AR Technology

If you’ve never been familiar with augmented reality, it’s been a staple of the video game industry for quite some time, and has grown in its usage. This has also expanded into cell phone usage, and Edmonton hopes to be part of the future of augmented reality. There are already dozens of people that work in the field, with the hopes of more coming in the future thanks to companies like Scope AR.

Scope, who also has offices in the United States, has seen growth already in Edmonton. Company co-founder David Nedohin said that when talking about AR, “we would be one of the first companies mentioned, for sure. Edmonton, based on our company being here and growing, is starting to get recognized.” Not only has Scope been active in gaming, but is also expanding into other fields such as medicine, business communication and retail.

Edmonton could be a hub as the city grows into other fields outside of the oil and gas industries. Everything from glasses to tablets could be developed, with the hopes of creating hundreds of new jobs in Edmonton. With major contracts with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Scope and other similar AR companies could find huge success in Edmonton. “I think it’s well past the point of if it’s going to have a significant impact on our lives and business,” Nedohin said. “It’s just a matter of when, and I think we’re probably looking at the next two years as being a major turning point.