Edmonton Couple Urges Others to Avoid “Fat Finger” Scams

Even if you have the slimmest of fingers, there’s a good chance that you’ve dialed the wrong number at some point on your phone. It’s easy to do, especially on touch screens that can be a bit, well, touchy. What you don’t expect, though, is that your misdialing can lead to scams over the phone. When you dial the wrong number by accident, this can be known as a “fat finger” problem, and it can be dangerous.

One couple in Edmonton is saying that they’ve fallen victim to their misdialing, and they’re warning others to be on the lookout for the same problem. Sharon and Yves Baril are their names, and they tried to call Scotiabank to check their account balance. They thought they had dialed the correct number on their card, but were off by a couple of digits.

Waiting at the other end of the line was a customer service representative from an unknown location that offered them a deal. The deal included a free cruise as long as Baril provided her card number over the phone, and they ended up being scammed out of $175. It wasn’t until Baril had visited her local bank branch that she found out that she’d been given the runaround.

The logic behind it is that scammers will purchase phone numbers that are very similar to ones of financial institutions in the hopes that someone has the “fat finger” problem. They sound fairly convincing when they answer the phone, and can potentially scam people out of thousands of dollars. Thankfully for Baril, the damage wasn’t too bad, but it could’ve been worse. Now, she and her husband are telling Edmontonians to always check the number that they dialed before hitting the ‘send’ button.