Edmontonians Giving Less to Charity

There are many charities that you can pick from throughout the year to help those in need. From cancer awareness to food banks and everything in between, there are a lot of organizations that need help. However, studies are showing that Edmontonians and those throughout Canada are providing less to charity than they used to.

At its peak, nearly a quarter of all Canadians donated to charity as presented in their tax filings. That number has continued to drop on a yearly basis, though, which includes Edmonton. The drop has been a significant percentage, dropping to nearly one-fifth. The good news, though, is that Alberta as a whole has been giving more than most provinces. “That’s in part because Albertans have a higher average income than the rest of the country,” Jason Clemens of the Fraser Institute said.

So what is the biggest reasoning for the overall decline in charitable giving? Some have pointed to what’s being called “fatigue,” but Clemens says that it’s not as dreary as that. Instead of donating money, Clemens mentioned that younger people are donating time rather than money. Since that doesn’t show up on tax returns, it’s hard to say just how much time that people are giving. Physical assistance is just as important as donating money, which is why Clemens and other researchers are still confident that Edmontonians and Canadians overall are still charitable people.