Lemon Water Prices Point of Debate at Edmonton Restaurant

In some places throughout North America, there are laws in place at establishments where free drinking water has to be provided. In Edmonton, that’s not always the case as several restaurants have been criticized for charging for water. Nightclubs have made the news for only providing pricey bottled water, and swankier restaurants are also being criticized.

Prices are notoriously high at restaurants in the Old Strathcona district, though most people typically consider water to be the one thing that’s on the house. One restaurant patron found out that wasn’t the case, being charged $3.50 for hot water with lemon slices in the glass. After this customer shared her story to social media, people immediately started to debate about the prices of water in the district and in restaurants around the city.

Some even started posting threats to high-charging restaurants like the New York Bagel Cafe in Edmonton according to one of the waitresses. “What is going on the world,” she asked aloud. “People are so upset. We’re not hurting anybody. When people come in here, they’re free to choose to stay or go.” It turns out that the restaurant is correct in this, though it didn’t stop an internet backlash. Fans of restaurants such as this, though, don’t seem to have a problem with paying extra for water, especially when it’s hot water with lemons. Although if someone is in dire need of water, it might be best to do the right thing and offer it for free.