Best in the West: Edmonton’s Tallest Tower Complete

The Edmonton skyline looks much different these days thanks to the construction of the Stantec Tower that started in 2014 after many months of planning and design. In May of 2018, Edmonton’s skyline changed forever when the unfinished building became the tallest building in the entire city. Later in the year, the tower was finally opened and finished out with a height of 250.9 meters, far taller than the J.W. Marriott Edmonton Ice District at 192.15 meters.

Residents will be able to move into the building during 2019, in what’s now the largest building in Canada west of Toronto. While it certainly stands out in Edmonton, it has helped to create jobs and new residences in the city’s central location. More than 1,500 employees will be working in the Stantec Tower, with nearly 500 condominiums also opening.

Former Stantec CEO Bob Gomes talked about the growth of the company, and that they were committed to being in downtown Edmonton. “I think that’s what the city really needed,” he said. “Edmonton has always been that city that maybe settled for something that was second best. Well, let’s do something that’s better than anyone else. Let’s do something that’s larger, and larger is one way of equating better.”

The Stantec Tower is just one piece of a project that will see a lot of growth in Edmonton. Now with the third largest building in Canada, there are even more plans that will be added to the city’s downtown skyline. While many companies might be setting up shop in the suburbs in major cities these days, Edmonton’s future looks like it will be built around the downtown area.