Making Do Without Vue: Alternative Newspaper Folds

On November 22, 2018, Vue Weekly published their 1205th and final issue. For more than two decades they were Edmonton’s source of printed alternative news, but now their doors are closed permanently. The newspaper made it their goal to “cover topics, artists and events that are often ignored, marginalized or misrepresented by the mainstream media, thereby bringing balance to Edmonton’s media mosaic,” according to an excerpt from their mission statement.

Vue folded because it could no longer attract advertisers, which, as a freely distributed newspaper, it relied on for revenue. The final issue featured farewell pieces from Vue’s regular columnists and commendatory messages from local businesses, politicians and more. Former readers, collaborators and associates of the newspaper commiserated on social media. Among them was Steven Sandor, current editor of Avenue Edmonton magazine; he worked at Vue as an editor in the 90s.

“We like to think that Vue carved out a niche in Edmonton, and we’re truly sorry to the artists, bands, chefs, filmmakers, and disenfranchised people who will no longer get to tell their stories,” said the newspaper’s editors in an article titled “Uh, Bye” that appeared in the final issue and online.